Children's Book Recycling Program

Donate to our Children's Book Recycling Program!

While we love our customers purchasing our books, we also recognize the less fortunate and want to make sure that those children can read great books as well. With our Children's Book Recycling Program, we collect and donate gently used books to low income schools, programs, charities, non-profits, and even individual homes. Every child should have a smile on their face, warmth in their heart, and giggles when they get enjoyment out of reading books. We at Monkey Books want to make sure that we give back to the community and look to you - our customers to help us. By just contacting us at Monkey Books, let us know if you have gently used books that we can pick up. Whether you have a few books or many that you would like other children to enjoy, just let us know! We believe that all children should be part of a vibrant, literate community and grow up in homes with access to books that they want to read. Help us give the gift of reading to other remarkable children!