Childhood stories of famous writers

We all have our favorite authors that we get lost reading their fascinating books. One has to wonder - "Did they always have this fame and success?" The answer is "No". Just like you and I, all of these authors had some very relatable experiences of growing up. Much of our childhood memories of growing up are dealing with self esteem issues, bullying, family matters, etc. By going through many similar experiences, some of these authors took their experiences and became "storytellers" of sharing their life stories with others. Whatever experiences each of us go through can define who we are or what we want to change about us. In the end, we have the capability to be "who we want to be".

Kid Authors: True Tales of Childhood from Famous Writers by David Stabler

This is just one book in an amazing series of books that give kids an insight into what they can achieve in building up their self esteem and turning their dreams and aspirations into reality!

Every great author started out as a kid. Before the best sellers, fan clubs, and beloved stories, most celebrated writers had regular-kid problems just like you. We all have a story to tell, and whether or not you grow up to become a great writer, all those stories start in the same place: childhood. We know how their stories ended, but how much do you really know about how their stories began? 

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